Name Sean Glass
Company Win music
Role Title Main Human
Headquarters New York

In what ways can people be more socially responsible for the health of our music industry community?

1. Stop talking about per stream rates because they are irrelevant, it’s about market share and market cap. Grow the pie!
2. Settle into solving problems like piracy with convenience not legislation, and apply same approach to the next problem.
3. Stop sending press releases, they’re stupid noise that makes all of our lives shittier.
4. Stop trying to create more social media communities that we have to service.
We have enough. Create propriety technology for the existing communities, like Spotify, Soundcloud, iTunes and YouTube.
5. Stop suing startups.
6. Founders – Stop creating music discovery platforms, enough already. You’re trying to solve a problem that was solved 15 years ago. Put your
time, money and brains elsewhere.
7. The music industry used to be a place where people went to make money, creative brains went to use their minds to innovate. I think that the sooner we get that investment and brainpower back, the better.

Tell me about something you learned the hard way?

Jesus. Everything. Clearly. Get me drunk at least.


*Photograph by George Byrne