Presentation Dinner, March 2015


On Thursday February 26th, The Manifesto held a fantastic dinner party.

Beatrice Hurst and Michelle Sullivan, together with our fantastic host Mike Caren, welcomed guests to the presentation of The Manifesto to the L.A music industry community.

Book Two is inspired by new introductions, and the dinner event marked the official American west coast debut. It seemed fitting that the presentation of this book and its stories were held at the beautiful West Hollywood home of Mel Elias, who is an entrepreneur, music producer and new friend to The Manifesto.

An intimate gathering of 60 music industry were treated to a 4 course menu designed and prepared by London culinary duo Terry Edwards and George Craig.  The British inspired, locally sourced selection were complemented by Scribe 2012 Estate Chardonnay, Banshee 2013 Pinot Noir and Banshee 2013 Sauvignon Blanc.

Music for the evening was curated by New York DJ Ria Bouttier. Guests enjoyed candles by LE LABO in Cedre 11, hand poured specially for The Manifesto.

This evening would not be possible without Ashley Ulrich, Banshee Wines, Coffee Bean, Mel Elias, NOBU, Peter Eastlake and Scribe Winery. A very special thanks to our friends at Squarespace.

Photography by Gabriel Enamorado.


Photography Index

1. West Hollywood home of Mel Elias
2. Arrival of guests
3. Cocktail Hour
4. Table Setting
5. Beatrice Hurst, Michelle Sullivan, Maira Caren, Mike Caren, Roma Khanna
6. Mike Smith, Tom Windish, Marc Boyan, Josh Levine
7. Jen Horton, Nyla Hassall, Angie Pagano, Taylor Gordon,, Alina Moffat, Tabetha Plummer
8.  Banshee 2013 Pinot Noir
9. Alice Greaves, Ben Groff, Rebekah Alperin
10. Olivia Zaro, Anthony Saleh, Charlie Puth, Miles Beard
11. Tabetha Plummer
12. Michelle Sullivan, Latoya Lee, Beatrice Hurst
13. Mike Caren
14. A jolly cheers
15. Dinner Guests
16. Josh Levine, Jen Horton, Ryan Hambsch
17. Rebecca Sahim, Mike Caren, Lindy Robbins, Ben Groff, Miles Beard, Jason Evigan
18. Mel Elias, Bob Moczydlowsky, Sarah Butler
19. The Manifesto guests
20. Terry Edwards, Mike Caren, George Craig
21. The dinner menu.