Book Three Presentation Dinner and Gallery

November 2015

On Thursday November 19th, The Manifesto held a dinner party for an intimate gathering of 60 music industry guests at The Fuller Building on Madison Ave in New York City.

Beatrice Hurst and Michelle Sullivan, together with host Rob Stevenson from Republic Records, welcomed guests to the launch of Book Three and portrait gallery exhibition.

Book Three is inspired by reflections of wisdom. The central story consists of a portrait series of 50 individuals who have made diverse contributions to the music business, and have therefore touched our culture. The series includes the work of Aaron Gaiger, Alex Franco, Andrew Urban, Damian Weilers, Dave Imms, Georgie Clarke, Isaac Rosenthal, Jason Barbagelott, Nerissa Nortje, Peter Plozza, Peter Thompson, Phil Knott, Robert Nethery and Stefano Galli.

Attending guests were treated to a 4 course menu designed and prepared by London culinary duo Terry Edwards and George Craig; served by wait staff who wore crisp white t-shirts and black trousers by Everlane.
Music for the evening was curated by the legendary Don Was, and played through a beautiful Naim Mu-So wireless music system.  Guests enjoyed candles by LE LABO in Cedre 11, hand poured specially for The Manifesto.

Thank you to our event sponsors - Squarespace, WeTransfer and Vornado.

To Jessica Kausen, Ryan Stansky, Lukas Nieuwenhuijsen and Fatma Genc, thank you for all that you do to support our music industry community.

Special thanks to our sponsors of the portrait series - Squarespace, WeTransfer, Warner Music Group, RIAA, Primary Wave, Imagem and Berklee College Of Music.

Event Photography by Georgie Clarke.

Photography Index

1. Gallery
2. Buffalo Swift and Wozzy Brewster
3. Jay Sweet and Jacob Fain
4. Beatrice Hurst and Anthony Demby
5. Kristan McCann
6. Nick Sansano and Tiffany Hardin
7. Gallery and Dining
8.  Justin Shukat, Rob Stevenson and Jen Fowler
9. Trevor Gale and Christine Calip
10. Mike Easterlin and Isaac Rosenthal
11. Faith Newman and Beatrice Hurst
12. Book Three
13. Dee Poku and Marina Garcia-Vasquez
14. Menu and place setting
15. A jolly cheers
16. Justin Shukat and Rob Stevenson
17. Our 60 guests
18. Marina Garcia-Vasquez
19. McKee Floyd and Patrick Gullo
20. Linda Carbone
21. Jay Washington
22. Terry Edwards, Beatrice Hurst and Isaac Rosenthal
23. Jake Ottmann, Jacob Fain and Michelle Sullivan
24. Robert Nethery and Faith Newman
25. Damian Weilers and Beatrice Hurst
26. Robert Stevenson and Linda Carbone
27. George Craig
28. Carl Beatty and Isaac Rosenthal
29. Saint Louis
30. Kristina Grossmann