The music business is inherently cyclical. We need to learn from our history, from each other and always remember that we are standing on the shoulders of giants. For Book Three, we seek to have a conversation about what we have learned and our experiences.

We make an homage to the idea that a truly beautiful gift, that one can give to another, is a little wisdom. We learn through story - about who we are and what we represent to each other. This is compassion. 

The seeds for this book began in March, fresh from our first breakfast event for the wonderful women of the London music business, we put the kettle on and talked about what ideas constitute contribution and legacy. This conversation led to many more, about what it means to be in the modern music business right now. From New York to London to Maui, and back again, we asked - how do we document this moment in time? How do we create a narrative and a positive discourse? What is the mood? How do we tell that story?

For us, 2015 has been about presenting our first Los Angeles event, returning to London, launching our first podcast series, growing as a business and as a platform for discussion. All the while, continuing to see the power and importance of taking the time to listen.

We hope that Book Three is a catalyst for a conversation that leads to action. The questions aren’t really that big. These pages will illustrate how truly united we are in our ideas. Just make a list, make a phone call and make a start.

Best wishes,
Michelle Sullivan + Beatrice Hurst

Lessons From The Manifesto

The quintessential New York evening is Carnagie Hall, a little Jazz and sharing chilli chocolate ice cream with Don Was.

Two questions -
What is the purpose?
Why are we doing this?

We will always have Maui.
Mahalo Shep.

Public speaking may surprise you.

Misha Louy is a lovely human being.

“We are standing on the shoulders of giants” and other train stories from Nate Albert.

Push Push.

The Hanes Men's V-Neck T-Shirt 6 pack is still the winner.

Beatrice can always find a way to fit dinner for 60 in the allocated space.

An intern is not just for Christmas.

A flight without a problem, is just not a Team Manifesto flight.

Thank you James Steven. Your belief in us is always appreciated.

Have a bath and have a think.

"Things are only as complicated as you want to make them."
- Nihal’s Dad.

The film - A Man For All Seasons. 1966.

Elbow’s Fourth Studio Album - The Seldom Seen Kid. Even our worst mornings can always be fixed with a little coffee and One Day Like This.

It’s gonna rain. It’s gonna rain.

A naughty chuckle is very alluring.

Take the time once a week to make a new introduction. Between two individuals who should know each other, but don’t. In 52 weeks, imagine what might happen.

Record a podcast.

Kindness is the answer. Damian Weilers knows just what to say.

Calgary is the Texas of Canada.

All stories lead back to Sydney.
All stories lead back to London.

When in doubt - #shepon

Chris Gehringer is the Don Moderator.