Name Dayna Young
Company Select Music
Role Title Senior Agent
Headquarters Sydney, Australia

Who is someone whom you greatly respect in the industry?

Stephen Wade, Director, Select Music. Stephen is not only an exceptional agent and business owner, but has a heart of gold. I respect him immeasurably.

Which artists inspire you on a visual / creative level?

Artists who innately know themselves musically and can clearly present their brand and speak about their goals inspire me. I’ll fight tooth and nail to be involved with working with this type of artist because they stand for something (instead of everything) and that type of definition around an artist is something extremely tangible to work with and for others to buy into emotionally. In terms of artists I work with Client Liaison and Crooked Colours are two such acts.

In what ways can people be more socially responsible for the health of our music industry community?

Being socially responsible towards each other is actually the first step towards having a healthy music industry community. I believe it’s possible to do good business and be a good person! There’s also room for everyone; stop trying to cut into market share and focus instead on growing the market!


*Photograph by Peter Plozza