Name Joel Thomas Jordan
Company Synchtank Limited
Role Title Founder / CCO
Headquarters London

How did you come to start Synchtank?

Out of necessity. It started off as an entirely DIY effort to get my catalogue online so I could manage the rights that I had for each track.
I spent ages carrying hard drives and computers around for storage, making use
of delivery platforms that didn't reinforce my brand or tell my story, and using spreadsheets that I couldn't listen to, or even make heads or tails of as columns and rows are mind-numbing. The idea was to put all of those things together to make the catalogue interactive and easy to find anything I was after in an instant.
The secondary benefit was that anyone else could too, which led to a few break out licenses and a different situation that what I had been facing before when I was the one and only channel to my music.
I showed my catalogue around and everyone seemed to be more interested in the gear than the music, and here we are a few years later with a platform.

What does the Synchtank brand stand for?

Relentless problem solving and consistent quality.


*Photograph by Isaac Rosenthal

Shot on location at Space4shoots