Name Anton Trailer
Company Trailer Media
Role Title Owner / Director
Headquarters London & Sydney

What does the Trailer Media brand stand for?

The editor of the NME once said I was dogged. I thought it was an insult at first – but then I quite liked it. I never turn anything down, never say no and I always do my best for the small people of the game.

How would you describe the culture at Trailer?

Ironic. Playful. Committed.

In what ways can people be more socially responsible for the health of our music industry community?

The answer is in the question, we need to make people take more responsibility. Realising the value in monetary terms would be a start. People can’t keep getting shit for free.

Tell me about a highlight from your last twelve months?

Personally, I moved to East London after 20 years in Brixton. That means I now have to do my top button up! 2014 has been arguably our best year for Trailer. We celebrated 15 years in the game with a big party!

What are the areas where you could improve opportunities for growth?

Europe. I was in Amsterdam in the summer. The agencies there have some great creative going on and a great work ethic, and I would love to be doing more business there. Does anyone fancy a job?


*Photograph by Georgie Clarke