Name Linda Maitland
Company Tim and Danny
Role Artist Manager
Headquarters London

What does the Tim & Danny Music brand stand for?

First and foremost the brand stands for good music, good songs. Under Tim and Danny music we have a publishing arm – Stellar Songs, a management company and and record label. Working across all 3 has really given me so much experience. Tim and Danny are mainly based in the US and we have a team of 4 here in the UK. We all bring something different to the table.

What sort of person thrives in artist management?

I think you have to be very patient, very organised, and really 100% care about the artists you are working with. You will give up a lot of your life and time so you really have to believe in it otherwise I don’t think it works.

What is art to you?

Art is something that moves you, that you feel an emotional connection with. You hear a song and the way you feel is expressed in a new way, it brings you to life, things are clearer. Art to me is a constant reminder of what is true.


*Photograph by Georgie Clarke