Name Troy Barrott
Company Hub Artist Services
Role Title Managing Director
Headquarters Sydney, Australia

Tell me about someone who has been critical to your career?

Kristy Shaw – my life partner and business partner.
For her tireless belief in my vision, and her continued support.

What does the HUB brand stand for?


How do the HUB values impact upon the way the company operates?

We are demanding of our clients, in the same way they are of us. It’s all in.

Tell me about the last twelve months for you?

This past year has left it’s mark on me like none other. Within the space of four weeks we parted ways with one of our long-term flagship artists, I had to deal with a serious personal heath issue and my younger brother passed away suddenly. I’m still in the midst of trying to understand what it all means, but it has given me a chance to deconstruct everything with the business and rebuild for the future.
Most excitingly we are moving into the live music space by launching a new 450 cap venue in Sydney called the Bondi Bowling Club.


*Photograph by Isaac Rosenthal

Shot on location at Space4shoots