Name Julia Wilde
Company Sparkplug
Role Title Cofounder & CEO
Headquarters Brooklyn, NY

How did you come to start your business?

My husband, Jonathan (who is a manager), and I were watching a CBS Sunday Morning profile on the broad applications of the sharing economy. Jonathan was in the middle of routing a tour and having the usual backline issues – the frustrations of which are super familiar to me from my time in A&R and as a musician. We had also just gotten a note calling for last minute help replacing stolen gear for a friend’s band. I turned to Jonathan and said, “How is it possible that this doesn’t exist for music?” That was it.

What does the Sparkplug brand stand for?

Sparkplug stands for connecting and empowering the creative community.
By harnessing untapped inventory around the world via the sharing economy platform, musicians can more transparently access the tools they need and earn money from their own assets by renting them out between sessions or shows. We hope that leads to more freedom and more creativity for our members.


*Photograph by Isaac Rosenthal

Shot on location at Space4shoots