Name Sheema Siddiqi
Company Modest! Management
Role Title Senior Digital Manager
Headquarters Parsons Green, London
How many people work there 27

Looking into the future, what excites you most about Modest’s potential?

The potential for growth and how quickly it could happen. This time last year, we were beginning to implement a digital campaign for 5 Seconds of Summer, and this year has seen them has seen them break globally.

How do you celebrate?

With my friends, at the pub or at a gig. Cupcakes are optional but preferred.

In what ways can people be more socially responsible for the health of our music industry community?

I wish there was more mentoring which came from the top. While it's important to self-educate yourself about the business, it's also beneficial to gain insight from people who have been in the industry longer than you.

If you could provoke change in any area of the music business, what would it be?

To increase the number of women in profile positions; the music business is still way too much of a boy's club.


*Photograph by Georgie Clarke