Name Beverley Price-Malcolm
Company Onelove Recordings
Role Title Marketing Director
Headquarters Sydney and Melbourne

How would you describe the culture at One Love?

We’re a creative and tenacious crew. We work hard, love what we do and don’t waste time with politics

Which artists inspire you on a creative level?

Tiga’s new Bugatti video has totally inspired me. So simple but so good! Nicky Night Time – listened to him mix Gonna Get Better at 301 last Sunday, and his focus was intense.

In what ways can people be more socially responsible for the health of our music industry community?

Depression and anxiety is rife in our industry. An openness to discussion and introduction of mental health days should be compulsory.

If you could provoke change in any area of the music business, what would it be?

Commercial radio is so timid in Australia at the moment. I’d love to see ads reduced as it bores the crap out of the listener, music increased and a remit to support local talent.


*Photograph by Peter Plozza