Name Marisa Clifford
Company Pulse Films
Role Title Managing Director and Founder
Headquarters London

How did you get started in the business?

My first job was as a runner on the TV series ‘Thomas The Tank Engine’. I lied and told them in the interview that I knew how to drive. I couldn’t. When they hired me I had to explain that I had to do my driving test, at which point they revoked the offer. I managed to persuade them that I would pass, and be in that afternoon. Fortunately they agreed and I passed! To this day, I am still a bad driver.

How did you come to be at pulse?

I met Thomas (my business partner) 9 years ago. We were both brought in to produce a short film for a mutual friend. We really hit it off and pulse born out of that.

What are the key values of the Pulse company?


How would you describe the culture at Pulse?

It definitely mirrors our values. We have a family of awesome, hardworking people who really care, and are always rocking up with their game faces on!


*Photograph by Georgie Clarke