M E G H A N   S T A B I L E







Photography by Isaac Rosenthal

Photography by Isaac Rosenthal

I. Wisdom is revelation. It is taking time with your thoughts. It is learning to honor your word. It is knowing that you don't know and being open to all of the questions that need no answering.

II. I started my company at 24 in my last semester at Berklee -- I've always had a fire in me. I'm a fireball and I've learned to control it. I always say I met Jazz at Berklee, I met live music at Wally's Jazz Cafe, and I met a real musician when I met Igmar Thomas, a young trumpet player who played at Wally's Jazz Cafe on Tuesday nights while also attending Berklee. Through him, through my peers and through my education I learned the truth about the first great musical art form, Jazz.

III. I was sexually assaulted several times by a male babysitter at the age of five. I think many whom have suffered with this have struggled between who you've become because of it and who you are not because if it. My wisdom in it, is that I am a child of God and I come from love, nothing less. Part of my wisdom of self is to acknowledge the pain it's caused but to seek healing so I can help to heal others.

IV. I started singing literally out of nowhere. I was 7 or 8 years old. I would run around the neighborhood knocking on neighbors doors and once they'd open the door, I'd start signing with all my heart and soul. I love it. I felt called to sing from that age on. At 14, my aunt gave me a guitar for my birthday and I wrote a song that same night. No lessons needed, I knew chords, I know scales and I knew keys. It was as if I had always played. She brought me to a blues/ rock bar once to sit in / open for the house band. I wasn't afraid. I was free. And I played, wrote and sang from then on. Unfortunately, growing up in a semi-small town there was no outlet for me to grow and I always yearned for something better or something more. After a tough road, I was accepted to Berklee and all became clear. I had the perfect opportunity to blossom but instead I ran from my gift in fear. While at Berklee you are amongst the greatest of the great from all over the globe. If there's any shadow of a doubt or insecurity -- it will come to light. I wasn't ready to bare my soul so while simultaneously being inspired by the business, I was plotting to never sing again. Singing is a very sacred thing to me and my disappointment is that I wasn't strong enough to accept being vulnerable.

V. Someone can make a beat with three notes and have no idea how to play an instrument yet they are called a producer and win Grammys -- I'm not undermining the art of beat making -- but as I say that -- you must know and understand there is an art to beat making and there are innovators of that art form.

VI. I would like to seed courage. I see too many people afraid -- they are too afraid to take risks not even knowing that the risk is just a small part of learning what true courage is.

VII. I am for service. I can remember, even at a very young -- even when I was going through bad times -- I felt I was called to some kind of service. I believe to really be of service, you are at some point confronted by your fear, resentment and ego.