J U L I E   P I L A T


Head Of Curation And Artist DevelopmenT

Beats Music

Los Angeles


Photography by Stefano Galli

Photography by Stefano Galli

I. I would think wisdom is the intersection of experience and instinct. We have so much in our wisdom, and if you have the patience to let things happen, it’s really remarkable what can manifest.

II. I do transcendental mediation. It’s been phenomenal because not only does it energize you, it’s magnificent that in three years there’s never been one morning that I’ve wanted to hit my snooze alarm instead of meditating, because I know when I do meditate, I’m so energized by it.

III. One of my friends gave me a piece of advice and he said 'Sometimes the best place you can be in is knowing you have no idea'. Because a lot of times we’re constantly chasing something, or thinking we need to be at a destination, but being in that moment where I didn’t know was powerful and coincidentally, it just happened to be the time I started meditating, and then the universe just unfolded.

IV. I’ve been introduced to so many new sounds in 2015 ranging from listening to one of our artist led programs like Josh Homme or Elton John, I’m learning about classic records I’ve never heard. This was the first year I was introduced to Rebel Sound or David Rodigan; to be able to tap into that, it makes you think, what else is out there that I didn’t know about? Who else is the David Rodigan of Ireland or Cape Town? So this year for me musically has been just excitement and international vibes, and also a year of discovery. It’s so phenomenal, I’m more in love with music than I have been in a really long time.

V. One of the most powerful pieces of advice that I got was always to be a mentor and always have a mentor. So I’ve carried that with me for my entire career. I’ve lived in Los Angeles for about thirteen years now, and over the years programming radio, there were so many young people coming up interning, and in college, and in school, that I supported and mentored, and then maybe they grew out and went on to continue their career elsewhere. I was really excited because when we launched Beats 1, I got to go back and bring some of those people into our project.

VI. I think community is so important and you have to have your team around you whether it’s a work team or a best friend team, people you can go to and talk things out. Because just holding it all in isn’t going to serve you. And a lot of times, people in business also identify with vulnerability, and if you open yourself up, you connect deeper with somebody.

VII. I am for education.