Music Agent at Primary Talent and Entrepreneur


Mess Café on Amhurst Road near Hackney Central. Great Saturday morning brunch for a fiver.

The Gallery Café in Bethnal Green, next door to York Hall. I have Spanish lessons here early on Tuesday mornings, and the coffee is crucial for verb conjugations.

The understated Chinese restaurant round the corner from our office, on Red Lion Street. The Singapore Laksa is the must-have

Buen Ayre on Broadway Market is still the undisputed champion. The full parrilla is outrageous – blood sausage, fried cheese, peppers, sweetbreads, plus a couple of inch-thick steaks for good measure, all washed down with a few glasses of Malbec. The closest I can get in London to La Cabrera restaurant in Palermo, Buenos Aires.

If the sun’s out, it’s Gray’s Inn Fields near our office - a small sanctuary sandwiched between Holborn and Theobold’s Road.

I’m working my way through Michael Lewis’ catalogue at the moment. I also read a little Alain de Botton when my brain can handle it, plus I am midway through ‘London Fields’ by Martin Amis.

Ciao Bella on Lamb’s Conduit Street is the pizza place of choice – the calzone is guaranteed to induce a food coma though, so go prepared.

Pisco Sour – my girlfriend loves them and I’ve been converted, so much so that the next long haul holiday has got to be to Peru.
I tried a pint of Windsor & Eton at the Gunmakers in Clerkenwell last night, light ale with a bit of citrus, very nice.

Kuzu on Well Street in Hackney. Traditional Turkish ocakbasi, £7 for a bonanza of lamb beyti, salad, rice and bread. It’s become a ritual on Sunday evenings after a weekend away. It’s so good that my friend (who is a food critic) goes there by choice ahead of the various posh establishments, where she can eat for free.

Mobile Office.
Top deck of the 38 bus

Start up.
Well Street Kitchen – A trendy new café at the end of my street, it was inevitable


Victoria Park, I still think it’s the best park in London

Photography by Georgie Clarke