Saint Louis

G F C   N E W  Y O R K


What is your morning ritual?

I get up, and have a conversation (thoughts) with myself for 10-15 minutes; Then I start checking emails on my phone; Splash some water on my face.  I'm very much a person that is in my mind.  I take time acknowledge myself first and foremost - every morning before I do the world.

Who are the people you interact with the most?

My business partner and few close colleagues and friends; My circle is pretty small.  No new friends as Drake would say.

What is your hustle?

Managing projects and lives.  Connecting ones art to the corresponding audience and assisting in its growth - Building sustainable ecosystems.

What topics do you love to debate at parties?

Everything taboo - such as race, religion, politics, sex ... and of course all forms of art.

What is art?

Anything that can be created. 

What lesson did you learn the hard way?

Near death taught me why I should live, and to chase what it is that I want to define as my life legacy.

What advice would you give yourself 12 months ago?

Same advice that I give myself everyday. - To challenge everything I've learned up to this point.  Unlearning is the key in self discovery.

Your greatest achievement so far?

Seeing the lives I've impacted.  My brother, sisters, my friends and the artists I work with.  Being able to pay it forward will always be the greatest achievement for me.  That's what we all should be doing it for.  Whatever your "it" may be.

Tell me about an aspiration that you are still heading towards?

My first Platinum Record credit, simple as that.

If you could go for a beer - with anyone whom you have yet to encounter, who would it be?

Jimmy Iovine or David Geffen.  They're BAWSE as Ross would say.  Their wealth of knowledge and experience, is something I'd want to peruse through.  Not to mention they both from out here - Gotham City.

In your life right now, what is one thing that baffles you?

How a guy can get off scott free after murdering an unarmed child eating skittles, but yet a woman in an abusive relationship can get twenty years for firing warning shots -   All in the same State.  The absurdities of the system and the lives it cripples and/or destroys ... SMH.

Art Direction: Beatrice Hurst

Photographer: Isaac Rosenthal