M I K E   D E L G U I D I C E





Photograph by Phil Knott


I. Wisdom is Jesus, as a concept, as a person, as an ideology, and as a way of life. Of course there are many other great spiritual leaders who also demonstrated this same concept of selflessness.

II. Without life's lessons, my creativity in songwriting would simply be empty words. As a songwriter, the most important thing is honesty. The problem is that means your life, your hurt, your emotions and inner thoughts, basically your personal diary is out for the world to see. For some reason the listener is far more affected by brutal truth and honesty. 

III. Usually the biggest part of attaining wisdom is failure and the destruction of ego. In 2002 I received a phone call regarding the Billy Joel musical, "Movin' Out" on Broadway. At the time also I was working four to five nights a week, having my share of excesses and late hours so when the time came for my audition all I can say was I really did not take it seriously and I didn’t get the part. This bothered me for years. Fast forward fifteen years and I got the call to do Billy Joel's rehearsals, and then asked to join the band and I can honestly say, had if it hadn’t been for failures like that, I'd never be where I am now.

IV. It’s important that we remain who we are as artists and not just follow the latest styles. With the internet and downloads, earning music from CD sales has become increasingly frustrating. Playing live even for major artists, seems to be the way money is being earned in the modern age.

V. Trust in God, always try to do the right thing in every situation, be good to others, forgive often and good things will happen to you and usually when you least expect it. In a million years I never thought I would be in Billy Joel's band... What I did do, I think, was stay the course and be as diligent as possible.

VI. We need to talk more about love and forgiveness. Without these principles, you will create nothing but horrible Karma for your life and career. True success is becoming a person that treats everyone with respect, love and goodness.

VII. I believe we need to transform music education in this country and to give children an actual opportunity to learn musical things in school that can aid them in earning a living through music. The time has come for us to shake up the curriculum completely and to celebrate modern music in our schools. 

VIII. I am for frequent failure that leads to growth.