J U D I T H   H I L L





Photograph by Stefano Galli


I. Wisdom is the ability to make good decisions based on information given or lack thereof. My life as an artist is constantly filled with unknowns. I can play out in my head the different scenarios based on my past experiences. The rest I leave to faith.

II. Once you enter the world of creativity, it sweeps you up and takes you to other dimensions. Sometimes I find myself never coming back to the real world for weeks if I let the inspiration flow. There are many times when I find myself overwhelmed by the business aspect of music and if I’m not careful, I can spend my whole day dealing with it and leave no room for creativity. That’s why it’s important for me to set aside undistracted time everyday for cultivating creative ideas. It’s a sacred world that needs to be protected.

III. Throughout my life, I’ve turned to my friends and mentors for advice. While it's great to have this kind of support, I’ve found the best ideas come from within. When I listen to my heart and follow it, there is an honesty and sincerity that speaks greater than any other path. The more you reach within, the more you will find that unique quality that separates you from everybody else.

IV. This year, in the wake of introducing my debut album, I found myself battling lawsuits with my former record label. For a few months I was unable to move forward in my career. I had to learn how to find true contentment not in what I do but who I am. More importantly, who God says I am and His love for me regardless of how successful I am in the world. I let go of all expectations for the future and understood that no matter what the circumstances are, I can live in happiness and joy. This is true freedom.

V. As a culture we are oversaturated with information. Music serves as a stimulant or drug to help people who have short attention spans. This determines what type of music sells. Everything is broken down to its BPM and sound banks that stimulate the ear. Artists’ lives have now become a channel that people tune into. You have to have a steady flow of content to gain more followers. We’ve lost the mystique of being an artist. It is now the Truman Show.

VI. We need to bring back music education in schools. Rebuild the value and art into people’s minds and help them regain a deeper connection to music. Influential trend setters need to use their platform to cut through all the information and advocate music that is substantial. Everybody is looking for a leader these days. As a culture, we are desperate for new inspiration.

VII. We need to talk more about building communities. In the era of Motown, we see how a community of artists influenced each other and created excellence. We have to build back environments that bring talent together. A renaissance can happen when like-minded people come together.

VIII. I am for live music. I believe the true value in an artist’s career comes from their ability to captivate an audience. Aside from the studio, the stage is the most important place.