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Music Agent

AM Only

New York City


Photography by Phil Knott

Photography by Phil Knott

I. For me wisdom is time, living and learning.

II. The first real tour I worked on, I took an extra step and hit up Just Blaze and sat with him, mapped out a plan for him and his live career. I suggested to him that he should do a song with Baauer. He checked out his music and agreed. I planned to put them together to make a song, and then go on tour together as a duo: young hip hop up and coming artist with a veteran hip hop producer. That was fun, and probably one of most successful and creative tours I’ve done.

III. One of the biggest challenges of my life is this job I have now. I started it six years ago. I had no clue what dance music was, or what being a booking agent means or even understanding what was involved. I worked seven days a week and twelve hours a day for three years. I’m still not the best but in that time I’ve helped build the careers of the artists I have worked with, and I’ve grown up as a businessman. I think I have grown up as a man from that experience.

IV. The biggest issue that the music industry is facing is streaming. Nothing is tangible anymore. Music is no longer purchased the way it used to be purchased, it’s no longer carried around the way it used to be carried. People are streaming their favorite albums for a few weeks, or tracks they like and moving on to the next. I actually think it is quite beautiful if you ask me.

V. When I think about the implications of these changes, we are possibly coming back to an industry of those who have the real passion. I think that a lot of people got rich under the old model, and the times have slowed down the big machine. There is not much we can do to fix it but what we can do is help it by putting out good music. You have to really love what you do now, and have a genuine love of music making, because getting paid is not as straightforward. People will purchase what they love, and what resonates with them, to support their artist. I just purchased two projects this week. My motivation is that I really believe that these artist deserve it because they are making music for the world.

VI. We need to talk more about how we can continue to evolve the culture and push it to new boundaries. There is still so much more that can be done, that has not been done.

VII. I am for Spotify, and all streaming sites as long as they play fair with the artist.