Artist + Songwriter

Los Angeles


Photography by Stefano Galli

Photography by Stefano Galli

I. The past year has been a test of my endurance as an introvert and extrovert. Touring and being a front man versus writing and recording my album. But now that the record is done I think that hot and cool energy made for an interesting record. It brought out live spontaneous moments in the songs.

II. I've looked at the past year like a test of my artistic endurance. Finding a balance between my introverted and extroverted side: Writing and recording my debut record versus touring and being a front man. Those are two very different sides of me and I've never lived in both shoes simultaneously. Now that the album is finished and I'm on my headlining tour, I think it's the combination of those energies that made for an interesting record. It brought out live spontaneous moments in the recording process and helped me find intimacy during the live show. The question at the end of the day is: How much are you willing to give of yourself to an audience? Finding the balance between giving and restraint. That's where the art lies.

III. Music is very available these days. There are so many ways to stream music for free, and it's getting to the point where it's expected to be available without purchase. I think music should be valued as art just like a painting on the wall or a sculpture in a museum. Artists need to be able to support themselves in order to share more with the world. Investing in a record, even when it's digital, is a compliment to an artist, and an acknowledgment their art is appreciated.

IV. Wisdom is a collection of experiences. You're born with a pure lens of life, without language and without heartbreak. Then you start making mistakes. That's how art is made and wisdom is acquired. It is the slowly aging wine of self. I moved out to California by myself realizing wisdom isn't something you can force or expedite. Unruly life experience was the only way of growing as a writer and a person.

V. I am for the intersection where art exists.