Joel T. Jordan

Local: New York City


Where do you get your hair cut?  
Recently I've started going to Medusa on Seventh Ave in Park Slope. Before that, this really amazing stylist Khris used to come to my house and cut everyone's hair, but he moved to Harlem. He was always a bit flakey anyway, so I guess it all worked out.

Best place for coffee?
For coffee on the go - I like Ports on E 23rd street near 8th avenue (Chelsea) for a quick iced soy latte as it's pretty central to everyone. To sit for coffee - Tea Lounge in Park Slope as it's great for freak watching.  I'm sure they're watching me too.

Best Brooklyn hang?  
I love the beaches - Coney Island for the rides or Brighton Beach for sitting on the boardwalk and staring at wild Europeans. Pier 6 on the Brooklyn waterfront down by the East River is incredible - there's a water park, enormous slides, a sandpit village, and something called 'swing valley' that is pretty awesome.

Favourite restaurant?
I love Wild Ginger - there's multiple locations in Brooklyn and Manhattan - it's all vegan Chinese food, so they have all the usual Chinese dishes, but made entirely out of seitan and tofu.  Oh wait, scratch that - I would be in Philadelphia at Singapore or Harmony, which are like Wind Ginger only 10 times better.

Best drinking hole?
I have always loved Bar 4 in Park Slope for late nights.  Matchless in Williamsburg, Or - Little Sardegna in Islington (London) is by far the most fun I've had in a long time.  The owners are insane.

Favourite live act?  
Lately, I've been blown away by this band from San Antonio TX called Wild Party. They totally kill live.


“I’ve never bought myself a wallet as long as I can remember.  Up until recently it was Comme Des Garçons.  I lost it (twice) and now I have this plastic vinyl film thing my twin brother gave me that I always get nods of approval over. It's made by Samira Boon.  He also gave me the Comme de Garçon wallet, twice.  Head Porter makes beautiful wallets too which I used to rock as well.  Problem is, I can't be trusted with anything nice.”


What is your morning routine?  
Jordan: Utter chaos!  I have a little girl named Jaia (she is four and a half) and a little boy named Jack who is one and a half, and both add a bit of randomness to a sort of structured morning.   I get up around 7-7:30. I have a cup of tea, make the kids lunches, have a shower, then they're up.  Our goal is to rush them out the door and to school before 9am, so it's a race against time every morning and definitely gets the day started on a fast pace. After driving them to school, I go to the gym for an hour.  I'll then get dressed in whatever I'm really going to wear for that day, and hit the streets.  The office and subway are literally three blocks from my house so it's incredibly convenient. So yeah, by the time I get started with my day,  I've had a busy morning. 

Tell me about the outfit you have on today?
Jordan: Very casual and sort of typical for the Summer for me - Navy blue T - 'Planet Muncher' design - from Brooklyn Industries, Earnest Sewn jeans. They make high quality jeans that fit really well and are super soft.  I don't like any raw denim. Paul Smith multi-colored stripey dress socks, Ralph Lauren unmentionables, and Adidas Rod Lavers tennis shoes with purple laces on my feet, as usual.
How do you dress for a meeting?
Jordan: I usually look like the person I'm meeting with.  Since most of them are record label and publishers -  that means mostly jeans and a nice sweater or button down, and either Clarks or sneakers (Adidas Rod Laver or Nike Air Force One) depending on my mood.  On rare occasion I've been known to wear a tie and dress slacks, but I can't bring myself to wear a jacket.  Too many memories of Jesuit School.

What style do you admire? 
Jordan: The casual preppy black guy.  The one that can rock melon colored shorts and deck shoes with no socks and a fedora.  I am sort of doing that only a bit scrappier.  Because it's a clean confident classic look that everyone likes, therefore you may be likeable too.

What are your packing essentials? 
Jordan: Macbook Air. Shure headphones. Kiehl's Facial Fuel Energizing Wash and Moisture Treatment for the face. Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion for everything else. Then a crown royal bag full of every possible a/v cable, power and hookups for any situation.