Melissa Maouris

Music PR specialist and Managing Director of The Maouris Company.


How do you keep your diary?
I've kept a diary since I was in a teenager but not in the Adrian mole sense of things. I love to write and I feel a sense of release by expressing my emotions on paper. It's very sporadic and solely acts as a catharsis more than a record of my actions. I use pen and paper rather than technology so I'm not distracted.

Describe your outfit today?
I found this woollen cardigan in a vintage shop in San Francisco on one of my pilgrimages to burning man.

What is on your covet list right now?
Too many things to mention as I'm moving house. But I did just buy a piano which I've wanted since I played as a teenager so am extremely excited to pick that up again.

Best place to get coffee on the go?
I don't drink coffee anymore, I'm more of a green tea addict. I recently discovered genmaicha or popcorn tea which is green tea with roasted rice so that's my latest fixation. My meetings tend to be at Shoreditch house which is good for tea drinking and ultimate comfort.

Make your own lunch or eat out for lunch?
A combination of these depending on how busy I am. I love to cook and would take home cooked food over any restaurant as you get a greater sense of satisfaction and pride. My housemate is an amazing cook who's just set up her own company Number forty so I am probably more spoilt than most in that department however.

Broadway Market must?
La bouche is my regular haunt for its incredible salads and fresh mint tea. The deli selection is wonderful too.

Best drinking hole?
I don't tend to spend much time in pubs as I travel a lot to festivals and music events so when I'm not away I want to rest and stay healthy. But I love my new local the star of hackney downs in Clapton. I've lived in the area for 8 years but the last couple it's really turned into a vibrant place to live.

Favourite live act?
I'm probably incredibly biased as he's a client but for me no one comes close to Nicolas Jaar. He reads and controls the crowd like no other musician I've come across. Or Bjork as she dares to do things no other does.

What did you do this past weekend?
I was at Meadows in the Mountains festival in Bulgaria. A friend of mine puts it on and aside from Burning man its one of the most unique festival experiences you could ask for. Wild horses, crazy locals, quality and eclectic music selection in a rustic setting with free thinking attendees. Not for the faint hearted but perfect for anyone with a sense of adventure.