Mr Jackson is a singer and fashion designer from Harlem in New York City.

What is art to you?
Art can be any physical manifestation of the heart and mind. It's all who is looking at it, or listening to it, tasting or touching it.

Why New York?
It is the Rome of today. If you are an artist it is one of the best cities in the world to network and build.

What is your hustle?
My daily grind involves all of the things that hold my interest. Fashion, Music and any other creative outlet. I'm in these streets.

What lesson did you learn the hard way?
I've learned all my lessons the hard way.

Your favourite career memory?
The first time I saw one of my garments on national television.

What advice would you give yourself 12 months ago?
That's personal.

Who do you consider an inspirational person in your life?
My father. He has always been a great mentor for me.

What music do you listen to at home?
It truly depends on the day, the mood and the time. I always go back to Miles Davis, he is a mainstay in my home.

Tell me about an ambition that you are still heading towards?
Fully being able to devote my time to music and my clothing line, and making money while doing it.

If you could go for a beer - with anyone (alive) whom you have yet to encounter, who would it be?
Call it cliche - Jay Z. He is still groundbreaking, still at the top of his game, and constantly looking at ways to evolve himself. He is an inspiring story.

In your life right now, what is one thing that baffles you?
Some of the popular music of our time.

Describe which are your favourite shoes from your wardrobe?
That’s a tough one. I will have to say a pair of custom brogue boots, by Brooklyn Circus, that I got a few years back. They look amazing and are as comfortable as any sneaker.

Photography by Isaac Rosenthal
Creative Direction by Beatrice Hurst