Jake Rosenthal is the Co-Founder of PopGun Presents, and Co-Owner of Glasslands Gallery.

Brooklyn, New York




Why New York?
I don't know. I keep hearing from friends in Seattle that they're renting lakeside houses for $700 a month out there, so I don't know why I stay here. I just can't picture myself feeling satisfied anywhere else. I'm very restless.

What do you love to talk about?
I like to find out if the person I'm talking to can separate the artistic value of a song, from how much they actually enjoy it. I like to defend pop music.
What is art to you?
I think art is how humans cope with and approach the irrational. I think it's great that the most potentially valuable thing people create has no utilitarian function.
What lesson did you learn the hard way?
To take your health seriously. Your body is not a Tamagotchi that you can forget to feed for days at a time. That backfires eventually.

Favourite career memory?  
A few especially rowdy events come to mind, but for me it's been tiny victories that keep me satisfied. A little bit of growth every day, both personally and professionally. 'Career' might be a generous word for the past 5 years.
What advice would you give to yourself 12 months ago?
Don't fall into ruts, and don't allow routines to persist for too long. Keep reading, and find inspiration from subjects outside of music.
What music do you listen to at home?
All over the map, but lately I've been revisiting Sandro Perri's last album Impossible Spaces.  I really love that album.
If you could provoke change in any area of the music business, what would it be?
I'd like to see artists start making more money from music streaming services. I'm not an expert on this, but it seems like most people are going to continue to move to this method of music consumption and the money isn't there for artists. Maybe this is just a matter of time?
In your life right now, what is one thing that baffles you?
The ineptitude of our current government.

Describe which are your favourite shoes from your wardrobe?
I find a few items of clothing at a time that I really love, and then I run them into the ground. So I never have a 'wardrobe' as much as a current rotating outfit. Right now It's a pair of blue loafers.
What technology do you carry?
Like fourteen chess apps. You're not going to improve unless you play on the bus kids.

Photography by Isaac Rosenthal

Creative Direction by Beatrice Hurst