The Manifesto  showcase the Australian production / vocalist duo.

How did you two meet?

Reija Lee: Kito was best friends with my cousin in High School, so we grew up knowing each other in our teens and hanging out on school holidays.

Best moments you share together?

Kito: I think the best moments are when we're in the studio together being creative. We're lucky to have such a good dynamic. We do also spend a lot of time together outside of the studio - we go to gigs, dance classes and cook dinner for each other with friends!

Reija Lee: At the end of a long day of rehearsals we have some pretty funny hyperactive moments. Also seeing shows together is always great. Seeing Mazzy Star perform at Field Day was a special moment for us.

What goals do you have for your project?

Kito: I think an album has always been our biggest goal. Happy to say we're finally getting close to accomplishing that goal! We also want to put a lot of effort into our live shows.

Reija Lee: We want to release an amazing album, and tour it all around the world!

Photographer: Damian Weilers
Stylist: Beatrice Hurst
Hair Stylist: Magdalena Tucholska
Make Up Artist: Bobana Parojcic

1. Reija Lee Wears a silk top: Michael Van Der Ham. Leather skirt: Day by Birger et Mikkelsen. Leather shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti. Kito Wears // Silk top and skirt: Michael Van Der Ham. Necklace: Mawi. Patent shoes: Christian Louboutin.

2. Kito wears top, Christopher Kane. Jacket: Levi vintage @ Rokit. Trousers: J. Brand. Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti. Bangle: Tom Binns. Bracelet: Bex Rox.

3. Kito wears a dress by Christopher Kane. Jacket: Antipodium. Shoes: Gianvito Rossi. Ring: Erickson Beamon.

4. Reija Lee wears a dress: Marios Schwab. Sunglasses: Linda Farrow. Earrings: Tom Binns.


Photo courtesy of David Kennett.



How do you dress for a show?
Kito: It's pretty close to what I wear day to day. I like to be comfortable when I'm playing a gig so usually a t- shirt with jeans or leggings and my favourite trainers or doc martens. I'd say comfortable shoes are my staple. I never wear heels when I'm playing.
Reija Lee: I get changed about a billion times before I make up my mind! But I always end up in my day to day clothes as well. I don't have a special 'show' outfit or anything.

What bag is your everyday?
Kito: A red WANT Les Essentiels De La Vie bag that my boyfriend bought me in NYC.
Reija Lee: I have a Herschel corduroy backpack.

What are your make up rituals?
Kito: We're both big on eyebrows. Eyebrows are important! I use a mac brow shadow and an angled brush. If I had to pick only one makeup item that I could use it would be this.
Reija Lee: Yeah eyebrows are definitely the most important feature to me. Have you seen people with no eyebrows? It's creepy!

How would you describe each others personal style?
Reija Lee: I think Maaike has this impeccable talent of dressing almost boyish - with collared shirts and sneakers - but still looking astoundingly elegant!
Kito: Reija loves hand-me-downs, vintage stuff and things designed by friends! Anything unique. She's pretty good at pulling off a jumpsuit with wedges, and we're both prone to wearing a bold, red lipstick. We both love Ruby Woo by MAC. On a day-to-day I don't think either of us are particularly 'girly' when it comes to our style, although every so often Reija likes to do her hair in pin curls and wear a cute 1960's style dress and she looks like she stepped straight of Mad Men!

When you perform together what consideration do you give to your look as a duo?
Reija Lee: We usually get dressed together, so we can give each other advice. In the end we end up wearing what we feel most comfortable and confident in - our shows are about performance, and that's done best when you feel comfortable and can focus on the music!

Kito: For the club shows I don't think we give it much thought, but festivals are a different matter. It's a good opportunity to have some fun and get creative with it.
(Insert shoes)

What are your travel packing essentials?
Reija Lee: About 5 different cameras - loaded with slide and black and white film.
Kito: Earplugs and a beanie.